The dirt you dig up could be paydirt.

Snitch: A Handbook for Informers

Jack Luger

Just what every red-blooded American needs—a handbook for snitches—as if society doesn't have enough busybodies, stool pigeons, double-crossers, liars and traitors already. But for those who have to squeal, this is required reading. Find out what information is valuable: how to get it, and how to sell it. Learn to negotiate with the police, how cops treat their informers, and how to keep from being finked out by someone else (just about an impossibility these days.) There are chapters on who informs and their motives and compensations, sting operations, company spies, criminal, civilian and prison informers, cops and how they think, becoming an informer and protecting yourself against stoolies. What can happen to informers when they fail or are caught snitching? Learn about the IRS “Turn In A Friend Program.” This book is the ultimate in modern-day American police-state culture. Turn in a friend today before they turn you in tomorrow!

Publisher: Loompanics
Paperback: 145 pages


The Construction and Operation of Clandestine Drug Laboratories

Jack B. Nimble

Without containing formulas for making any specific drug, this book covers the practical construction of a laboratory, the risks involved, security for the lab, what equipment is needed, and the use of police scanners. Also covered are the procuring of suspicious supplies and how increasingly law enforcement monitors the purchase of chemical equipment. Because of the drug war there is more control of information on chemistry, but many of these techniques could be used by amateur chemists to do legal, basement research. This material is very basic and is not a substitute for instruction, experimentation and experience in chemistry. So buyer beware. MC

Publisher: Loompanics
Paperback: 60 pages

Counterfeit Currency: How to Really Make Money

M. Thomas Collins

“Reveals all the tricks of the counterfeiter. Learn how counterfeiters makes bushels of bogus bills and ‘pass’ them without fear. Exact counterfeiting techniques are shown in step-by-step, illustrated detail. Every aspect of printing money is covered, including inks, paper, negatives, platemaking, printing techniques, even a section on ‘aging’ money so it looks and feels authentic. Learn about an ingenious platemaking technique most counterfeiters don’t even know! Learn about the safeguards built into government currency; and how counterfeiters get around them. See how counterfeiters purchase equipment and supplies, where they set up funny money shops and how they keep a low profile. Our money is just pretty pictures on paper. Counterfeit Currency: How to Really Make Money shows just how vulnerable government currency really is!”

Publisher: Loompanics
Paperback: 137 pages

Creating Covenant Communities

Robert K. Spear

For those who wish to survive the coming Tribulation without having to resort to taking the Mark of the Beast or even paying taxes to ZOG, a covenant community is the way to go. Author Spear, the self-defense instructor for Bo Gritz’s SPIKE Survival Training Team, has written numerous books and pamphlets on self-defense, and is also the author of Surviving Global Slavery: Living Under the New World Order, a book that presents “practical common sense solutions to the challenges created by rejecting the Mark of the Beast.” Creating Covenant Communities is a more detailed tactical companion to Surviving Global Slavery. As per instructions from the Holy Spirit, it’s written in a more narrative style and includes a number of informative, though fictionalized, scenarios. These use a loose “interview” format, allowing the various characters to discuss such important topics as the pros and cons of certain alternative economic exchange systems, such as the HOURS system and the Mormon’s “United Order”; why paying state and federal taxes is “similar to paying a title to Satan”; how to battle “environmental wacko laws”; how and why to be “adopted” by an Indian tribe; the importance of seeking a “Godly and righteous” leader; and speculation on the ‘’divinely inspired document” known as the U.S. Constitution. Includes a handy resource guide and a Mormonesque “Ward Organization” chart. DB

Publisher: Universal Force Dynamics
Paperback: 136 pages

Deadly Brew: Advanced Improvised Explosives

Seymour Lecker

Explains what one needs to know to make advanced improvised explosives using 50 common industrial chemicals. Describes two detonating acids, and five device designs, both single-bottle and double bottle, are included. This work is mainly a list of formulas. Many of these chemicals are very dangerous to use, and all of these devices are deadly. Includes a reading list. MC

Publisher: Paladin
Paperback: 54 pages

The Death Dealer’s Manual

Bradley J. Steiner

“What real killers do, and how they do it.” Concise and thorough instructions free of flashy goonery. Includes conditioning exercises for knife-wielding, garotting basics, detailed instructions for mastering G. Gordon Liddy’s “Pencil Kill” technique, how to fold a newspaper into a weapon of deadly force, the recipe for turning a can of chewing tobacco into a fatal poison, and an introduction to “Dim Mak,” or the Chinese Death Touch. By the defensive-combat editor of Handguns magazine. HJ

Publisher: Paladin
Paperback: 100 pages

Deathtrap!: Improvised Booby-Trap Devices

Jo Jo Gonzales

“In this complete guide to the tricks of the booby-trapper’s trade, Gonzales presents an arsenal of devices that can be created from commonly available materials, each modified to contain a nasty surprise. Learn how to rig a booby-trapped alarm clock, flashlight, door latch, sink, telephone, tape deck and more. A concise treatment of principles and applications, clear descriptions of more than 60 devices, and detailed illustrations and schematic diagrams make this an invaluable collection for Special Forces personnel or security professionals.”

Publisher: Paladin
Paperback: 164 pages

Defensive Tactics With Flashlights: Official Manual

John G. Peters

A comprehensive, illustrated training manual for using a police flashlight as a defensive weapon. Includes selecting a flashlight to fit one’s practical and defensive needs, flashlight holding and carrying techniques, basic blocking, and using the flashlight against punches and kicks, knives and weapons. Shows control and restraint techniques against aggressors, including chokes and vehicular extractions using flashlights. Includes ancillary subjects such as flashlight maintenance and the legal ramifications of flashlight use. A practical manual for police and security guards, as well as the interested amateur. MC

Publisher: Police Bookshelf
Paperback: 179 pages

Detecting Forgery: Forensic Information of Documents

Joe Nickell

A highly readable and amply illustrated historical overview of forged documents (both petty and famous) and the methods of their detection. Although he inadvertently offers a how-to manual for handwriting forgery and document alteration, the author demonstrates that very little can escape detection by forensic detectives and their high-tech methods, which brings to mind the old forger’s adage: “The only good forgery is one that is never suspected.” HS

Publisher: University of Kentucky
Hardback: 228 pages

Dirty Tricks Cops Use: And Why They Use Them

Bart Rommel

Ever wonder how cops prevent scarring when torturing suspects with a stun gun? How about their use of a copying machine and cellophane tape to lay down fake fingerprint evidence? Topics covered include speed traps, evidence-tampering, illegal search and seizure, coerced confessions, entrapment, execution and “pro-active enforcement.” Includes footnotes, bibliography and index. HJ

Publisher: Loompanics
Paperback: 160 pages

Dress ’Em Out

Captain James A. Smith

“The complete how-to guide to field dressing, transporting and processing big game, upland birds and waterfowl. Hunting and survival tips, plus simple, sumptuous recipes and much more.“ Contents: “Preparing for the Hunt,” “Big Game” (with skinning and preliminary tanning tips), “Upland Birds” (dressing them out and caring for bird dogs) and “Waterfowl.” Recipes include the “15th-Century King’s Platter,” a grouse or quail dish with bacon and brandy; and “Mud-Packed Bear Feet,” which is exactly what it says it is (the mud holds the bear’s feet together while cooking, and the only other ingredient is pepper). GR

Publisher: Stoeger
Paperback: 255 pages