A Criminal History of Mankind

Colin Wilson

Comprehensively xplains the changing pattern of crime though the ages up until the present—when the sex killer and mass murderer have become all that is worst in our “civilization.”

Publisher: Carroll and Graf
Paperback: 702 pages

The Devils of Loudon

Aldous Huxley

The historical case of a possessed convent of nuns and a village vicar accused of sorcery inspires Huxley’s fascinating, learned investigation into the enigma of witchcraft, mass hysteria and personal mysticism.

Publisher: Carroll and Graf
Paperback: 352 pages

Nightmare Alley

William Lindsay Gresham

A chilling novel about a guy determined to claw his way to the top of the heap no matter what. Stanton Carlisle rises from humble sideshow magician to spiritualist reverend who preaches to a gullible, moneyed flock that doesn’t know it’s all really done with mirrors. But his real secret is to find people’s deepest needs and fulfill them, while taking them for everything they’ve got. Of course, this being the classic carny noir novel, an ascent must be followed by a descent and Stanton’s ride down to the bottom is a grim piece of poetic justice with none of that goddamned happy ending stuff they had to stick onto the movie. After all, geeks aren’t born—they’re made. JM

Publisher: Carroll and Graf
Paperback: 275 pages