…And the truth shall set you free

David Icke

Modestly describing itself as “the most explosive book of the 20th century,” …And the truth shall set you free is the most recent evidence of a certain faction of die-hard New Agers’ growing fascination with the anti-Trilateral Commission/Illuminati obsessions that were once the exclusive and much-ridiculed domain of the Birchers. That this ground has all been covered extensively in books like Tragedy and Hope and None Dare Call It Conspiracy and weekly in The Spotlight newspaper does not faze author and former British soccer player David Icke in the least. That some of Icke’s New World Order/banking/secret society muckraking might have some solid basis in fact makes his unsurpassed “good-vibey” self-glorification no less offensive. In author Icke’s memorable words, “People of Planet Earth, it is wakey, wakey time.” SS

Publisher: Bridge of Love
Paperback: 518 pages