Bigfoot Memoirs

Stan Johnson

“Stan has been blessed by God to receive much information and wisdom through his experiences traveling in other dimensions of time and space. Stan, the official goodwill ambassador of Bigfoots, has received telepathic communication from the Sasquatch people, star people—and the ascended masters of wisdom.”
In a semiliterate, monosyllabic style, the retired logger recounts his good times with the “Sasquatch People” in a number of interviews (which he conducted telepathically—how does one transcribe that?) and stories in which they request salt from him, behave very spiritually, and disclose that they come from the fifth dimension (and vacation there in winter). There’s romance (the 16-year-old Sasquatch daughter falls for old Stan, a septuagenarian); intrigue (the evil ruler of their home planet, Arice, wants to destroy the kindly Bigfeet on Earth—and nothing will stop him in his lust for glory!); travel (Stan describes the fifth dimension as “the true Garden of Eden” and visits the interior of the Earth through a base on one of the Poles); and genetics (there are Sasquatch with dome- and pyramid-shaped heads). If Stan didn’t have a healthy pension to live off of, I’m sure he’d be recounting his stories from inside a psychiatric hospital. SK

Publisher: Blue Water
Paperback: 84 pages