Anarchist of Love: The Secret Life of John Henry Mackay

Hubert Kennedy

Biographical essay on the life of famed Scottish artist, writer, boy-lover and anarchist John Henry Mackay. Mackay wrote much of his work under the nom de plume “Sagitta” and eventually used his own name to write the classics “The Hustler” and “Fenny Skaller,” the latter revealing Mackay’s favorite gratification from boys—kissing. Mackay is celebrated along with other great boy-lovers of the period, like writer Magnus Hirshfield and acclaimed boy photographer Wilhelm von Gloeden. Mackay devoted his life to the political, legal and artistic promotion of man/boy love. Since he was most attracted to guys in the 17 to 18 range, he did not consider himself a pedophile, although several pedophiles supported his work.
“I sing of the love whose joy
You bury, proscribe, and ban!
I sing a man’s love for a boy,
A boy’s love I sing, for a man.”
—Sagitta GM

Publisher: Mackay Society
Pamphlet: 54 pages