Mother Love, Deadly Love: The Texas Cheerleader Murder Plot

Anne McDonald Maier

“Terry returned to the nature of the job. ‘This guy told me he could do anything you wanted …’
‘Would you do it to the girl, or do it to the mother?’ Wanda asked. ‘The girl is harder to get rid of. The mother ain’t no problem, once you get rid of the girl …’
‘I think if a car wrecked, where they both died, if the car blew up or something, it might be different,’ Wanda mused. ‘An impact, an explosion or something, you know what I’m talking about? Then it wouldn’t look so obvious… ‘
‘This guy, he don’t like doing children, alright?’ Terry explained. ‘Seventy-five hundred dollars is the most for both of them to be dead …’
‘Well, I have to find some money, I need to get some money,’ Wanda explained.” GR

Publisher: Birch Lane
Hardback: 256 pages

The Mad King: The Life and Times of Ludwig II of Bavaria

Greg King

If there is beauty to madness, then that beauty might best be exemplified by this eccentric Bavarian regent, whose Neuschwanstein Castle served as the model for Walt Disney’s romantic castle. A practicing homosexual, Ludwig II ascended the throne at the age of 18. While never as shockingly flamboyant as the utterly depraved Roman Emperor Heliogabalous, Ludwig nevertheless was a servant to his passions: music, architecture, and a slave-like devotion to Richard Wagner. Along with Bismarck, Ludwig II became the founder of Germany’s Second Reich, which was followed by the better known Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, who was also devoted to Wagner and architecture… hmmm… have we missed anything here? Aside from these peripheral issues, what sort of man was Ludwig? To a friend he confided, “I dreamed I was breaking a large jug of water over the Queen’s head, dragging her about on the ground by her hair and stomping on her breast with my heels.” JB

Publisher: Birch Lane
Hardback: 335 pages

JFK: The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot To Assassinate John F. Kennedy

L. Fletcher Prouty

“Colonel Prouty… sets the stage for Dallas in all its horror. He explains the true inner myth of our most staged public execution, the ‘Reichstag Fire’ of our era, behind whose proscenium, blinded by the light of surface-event television, the power of the throne was stolen and exchanged by bloody hands. He shows us that Kennedy was removed, fundamentally, because he threatened the ‘system’ far too dangerously. Colonel Prouty shows us the Oswald cover story and how it has successfully to this day, my movie notwithstanding, blinded the American public to the truth of its own history.” Alternative history source material for Oliver Stone’s JFK, from the hereforeto anonymous “X.” Thrill to a wide-ranging and nearly all-encompassing conspiracy theory that goes far beyond the JFK assassination. NN

Publisher: Birch Lane
Hardback: 366 pages

Choices: A Memoir by Judy Hill Nelson; My Journey After Leaving My Husband for Martina and a Lesbian Life

Judy Hill Nelson

“Judy Nelson’s honest story of her life… before and after her acceptance of a lesbian lifestyle. It’s a cause for which she works passionately, even at the risk of losing many old friends.’

Publisher: Birch Lane
Hardback: 232 pages

Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe — The Final Word

Milo Speriglio and Adela Gregory

“It took Marilyn just seconds to walk from her bedroom to answer the front door… When the intruders quietly rushed in, one moved toward the actress while the other shooed the dog into another room and closed the door behind it… They had been explicitly ordered not to bruise Miss Monroe, not to leave any visible signs of violence. The shorter hitman removed a chloroform-soaked cloth from a plastic bag and quickly placed it securely over Marilyn’s nose and mouth. The other took out a prepared solution in a thermos bottle. The solution contained a highly concentrated mixture of chloral hydrate, Nembutal and water. After she stopped struggling from the effects of the chloroform, they stripped off her robe and laid her nude body on the floor, placing a small towel under her buttocks. After dipping a bulb syringe into the solution and filling it to capacity… he expelled the poison into her colon. A second dose followed immediately. They placed her nude body on the bed.”

Publisher: Birch Lane
Hardback: 310 pages

Mae West: Empress of Sex

Maurice Leonard

Movies, money, mink, and men, men, men!!! Plus seances with Criswell, catfights with Jayne Mansfield and Raquel Welch, and more than a few regrets (she turned down Sunset Boulevard!). Here’s Mae revealed as a true iconoclast, world class fag-hag, and inventor of the sound bite. MG

Publisher: Birch Lane
Hardback: 424 pages