Bosnia: A Short History

Noel Malcolm

Bosnians are a remarkable mix of Catholics, Christians, Croats, Gypsies, Jews, Muslims, Serbs, Slavs and numerous other influences. In the opening to this intriguing history book, the author maintains that because Bosnians can hardly understand themselves, they cannot possibly be understood by outsiders. We are then witness to a Bosnia raided, ransacked and pillaged by outsiders from her very beginnings, through the tragic war. The author doesn’t stop at blaming outsiders but points to the ignorance and ethnocentricity of the Bosnian people themselves, especially those who define themselves in terms of race and religion over birthplace. He drives home not only how misunderstood the modern Bosnian war was, but also how ignorant most world leaders were about the conflict. Readers will appreciate the depth and understanding brought to this subject. It is the first time a full history of Bosnia has been undertaken. GE

Publisher: Ask Why!
Paperback: 340 pages

Who Lies Sleeping? The Dinosaur Heritage and the Extinction of Man

Mike Magee

Argues that there was a “sapient dinosaur”—one with a humanlike intelligence from which we humans evolved. The author uses various types of theories, including that of genetics. He believes that humans couldn’t have gotten this far in the evolutionary scale if only the standard scientific theories apply. SC

Publisher: Ask Why!