The End-Times Blood Bath

Robert J. Logston

“The Rapture… The Beast… The False Prophet… The Four Horsemen… It is foretold that during the end-times two-thirds of the 5 billion people on the Earth will die and Christ will return for the remaining Christians. Reading this book will introduce you to the main players and prepare you for the reign of the Beast.”

Publisher: Winston-Derek
Paperback: 100 pages

Who Tampered With the Bible?

Pat Eddy

“But is the Bible the infallible word of God? Did the Jesus of the New Testament actually say and do all of the things attributed to him? If not, why is he portrayed inaccurately?… To help answer these questions, I used the skills attained through 15 years’ experience as an intelligence analyst to translate scholarly research, from the jargon-filled domain of universities to the realm of the intelligent, but nonspecialized, reading public… The pattern to the tampering in the gospels emerges with understanding of the first-century Semitic culture; the people depicted in the New Testament saw the world differently than you and I. The pattern becomes even more visible when we understand the prejudice against Galilee and Galileans. Jesus was from Galilee, a land with such an unexpectedly dark reputation that many scholars believe it actually preordained his death… Armed with this knowledge, the weakness in many of the fundamentalist assertions will be evident.”

Publisher: Winston-Derek
Paperback: 306 pages

Did God Make Them Black?

Isaac O. Olaleye

“Isaac Olaleye thoroughly explores the varied beliefs for racial differences—both physically and psychologically—through biblical references and scientific research.”

Publisher: Winston-Derek
Hardback: 186 pages