Satanic Murder

Nigel Cawthorne

We are severely morally challenged and our gullibility retarded if we even consider this any more than preaching to the willfully converted. It’s a bit like books for people who construct model airplanes, but only model airplanes of Rhodesian biplanes built between 1924 and 1925. Unless you have an obsessive, vested interest and need confirmation of your mania, it’s meaningless.
And by the way, of course, the factual and even circumstantial evidence of a thriving biplane construction industry in Rhodesia between 1924 and 1925 is far more compelling and believable than this. GPO

Publisher: Virgin
Paperback: 281 pages

Scott Walker: A Deep Shade of Blue

Mike Watkinson and Pete Anderson

Scott Walker is a man of brooding mystery, and more than likely even a mystery to himself. This biography captures the swinging London of the early and mid-‘60s, but has a hard time focusing on Scott Walker’s demons and delights. What we do know is that in the era of Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles, Walker had a fixation on middle-of-the-road crooner Jack Jones, and an intense love for Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. The combination of these two musical models with a splash of Phil Spector was the basis of the music of the Walker Brothers and the brooding sound of Scott as a solo artist.
Walker is interesting in that he was and remains a man out of sync with musical fashion—too brooding for the groovy ‘60s, too non-pop for the ‘80s, and too abstract (Tilt) for the ‘90s. His hatred and fear of fame, his work methods, and his suicide attempt are all documented in these pages. TB

Publisher: Virgin
Paperback: 287 pages