The Vindicator Scrolls

Stan Deyo

Stan Deyo has all the answers. Just ask him. And he’s modest, this self-proclaimed “Noah of this Age”—after all, he could have said “Jesus” or “G*D”, or “Captain Beefheart” of this age, couldn’t he? Just his explanation of the wacky pseudo-mystical Judeo-Christian paranoiac UFO fantasy cover painting would have been enough to give the reader a clear and concise understanding of just what can happen to a nice, albeit megalomaniacal, Jewish boy from Perth with a bit too much free time on his hands. But, of course, it doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot. Weird biblical mumbo-jumbo is examined in the light of Atlantean speculations. Deyo has pinpointed not only the location of famed Atlantis but also the Garden of Eden, the land of Nod, Kush, Dilmun, the city of Enoch built by Cain, the land of Chavilah, the “Pillars of Heracles” and the real “land of the giants” whence came this Heracles fellow, Kabbalistic numerology, gravitic, electric and magnetic phenomena, and, of course, the many types of UFOs and various aliens, dragons and demons. The whole thing culminates in a warning for all Jews to get out of America before our naughtiness is dealt with by a really pissed off G*D and, finally, the actual naming of the Antichrist (an extremely nerdy-looking mid-level Israeli politico named Nimrod Novik). DB

Publisher: Veritas
Paperback: 254 pages