The Bare Facts Video Guide: Where To Find Your Favorite Actors and Actresses Nude on Videotape

Craig Hosoda

A perfect guide for the voyeuristic cineaste, The Bare Facts sees that your favorite film stars and personalities get the widest possible exposure. Organized into three broad categories, this guide provides alphabetical listings by actor, actress and film title. Each scene featuring nudity is described in detail, giving the length of the scene and what body parts are available for viewing within the scene. Also, each scene is rated with one to three stars, with three stars being “Wow! Don’t miss it.” For example, under The Night Porter, three scenes are listed, with the favorite scene earning a three-star rating. Lasting over one minute the scene features “breasts doing a song and dance number wearing pants, suspenders and a Nazi hat. Long scene.” JAT

Publisher: Bare Facts
Paperback: 870 pages