Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Genocide?

Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The most complete investigation to date on the biowarfare aspect of ready-made diseases. Examines the motivations of Henry Kissinger, Nelson and Laurence Rockefeller, the U.N. and the WHO in an insane plan to depopulate the Earth with ethno-specific diseases. Chapters include: “The World Health Organization Theory of AIDS”; “Cold War, Biological Weapons, and World Health”; “Interview With Dr. Robert Strecker”; “African Foreign Policy and Population Control”; “Henry Kissinger’s New World Order”; “Silent Coup in American Intelligence”; “The CIA/Detrick Operation”; “MK-Ultra and CIA Human Experimentation”; “The Nazi Roots of American Intelligence”; “The CIA in Africa”; “The Man-Made Origin of Marburg and Ebola.” Massively referenced, this book will recast the entire AIDS debate. FLA

Publisher: Tetrahedron
Hardback: 545 pages