Alone: A Fascinating Study of Those Who Have Survived Long, Solitary Ordeals

Richard D. Logan, Ph.D.

Do you have what it takes? “Plane crash survivor Nando Parrado, half-starved, freezing, and exhausted from two days climbing… finally struggles to a snow-covered summit from which he believes he will see the green Andean foothills and a path to help and safety for him and his stranded comrades. He sees, instead, extending to the far horizon, still more snow capped mountains and is overwhelmed, for a moment, by helpless rage. He weeps in angry frustration and almost gives up, but he looks around, realizing how much he has accomplished, and pride and determination replace his rage and despair. He has achieved a personal summit, a moment of triumph and self-revelation. He will survive. He will walk out of the mountains to find help for his dying comrades—and be a genuine hero.”

Publisher: Stackpole
Paperback: 215 pages

The Survival Handbook

Peter Darman

A compact and efficient volume containing survival tips for deserts, tropical or polar regions and at sea culled from the U.S. Special Forces, the Canadian Air Force, the Italian Alpine Troops, the Navy Seals, the Russian Spetsnaz, the French Foreign Legion and other elite forces. Discusses such topics as improvising shelter, tools and clothing; tracking water, vegetable and mammalian food sources; expediting rescue; and avoiding dangerous situations. Crammed with all kinds of interesting tips, from building signal fires and boot care to avalanche etiquette and the proper procedures for emergency amputation, it is recommended for any traveler, worldly or otherwise. SK

Publisher: Stackpole
Paperback: 256 pages