Kids Who Kill

Charles Patrick Ewing

“There is a new breed of killers loose in America today—and its numbers are growing at an astounding rate. They are responsible for over 10 percent of the nation’s homicides… Startling true accounts of America’s youngest murderers… and the psychology, causes and motives behind their unspeakable acts:
• Brenda Spencer, 17 years old, opened fire on a crowded elementary schoolyard with a semiautomatic rifle because, ‘I hate Mondays.’
• Timothy Dwaine Brown, 16 years old, beat his brother to death before killing his grandparents in cold blood.
• Molested repeatedly by her father, 16-year-old Cheryl Pierson hired a classmate to execute him.
• Two Missouri brothers, ages four and six, attacked and brutally murdered a baby girl because ‘she was ugly.’”

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 230 pages

Obsessed: The Anatomy of a Stalker

Ronald Markham, M.D., J.D., and Ron Labrecque

“The trial of Arthur Jackson for brutally stabbing actress Theresa Saldana of ABC’s The Commish, drew national attention, but the deranged stalker was sentenced to only 15 years. Markham was the forensic psychiatrist at Jackson’s trial in his defense. Obsessed is taken from Markham’s diary, interviews with the defendant, the police, his lawyers and various court officials and from Jackson’s own disturbing diary.”

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 304 pages

Prophet of Death: The Mormon Blood-Atonement Killings

Pete Earley

“Charismatic thief, philanderer and self-proclaimed man of God, Jeffery Lundgren began preaching his unique dogma of radical Mormonism in Independence, Missouri. To the members of his small but fanatically devoted sect, he was the ‘Last Prophet,’ whose coming was foretold in the Book of Mormon. A master of hypnotic oratory, Lundgren used his own twisted interpretations of religious texts to justify any excess—perversion, sexual slavery… even human sacrifice. And on April 17, 1989, Lundgren and a group of his followers led the Avery family—a husband, wife and their three young children—into a barn in rural Ohio and slaughtered them, one by one.”

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 422 pages

The Satanic Bible

Anton Szandor LaVey

“This book was written because, with very few exceptions, every tract and paper, every ‘secret’ grimoire, all the ‘great works’ on the subject of magic are nothing more than sanctimonious fraud—guilt-ridden ramblings and esoteric gibberish by chroniclers of magical lore unable or unwilling to present an objective view of the subject… Far too long has the subject of Satanic magic and philosophy been written down by wild-eyed journalists of the right-hand path… Herein you will find truth—and fantasy. Each is necessary for the other to exist; but each must be recognized for what it is. What you see may not always please you; but you will see! Here is Satanic thought from a truly Satanic point of view.”—Anton Szandor LaVey, 1968

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 272 pages

The Satanic Rituals

Anton Szandor LaVey

“The essence of Satanic ritual, and Satanism itself, if taken up out of logic rather than desperation, is to objectively enter into a subjective state. It must be realized, however, that human behavior is almost totally motivated by subjective impulse. It is difficult therefore, to try to be objective once the emotions have established their preferences. Since man is the only animal who can lie to himself and believe it, he must consciously strive for some degree of self-awareness. Inasmuch as ritual magic is dependent upon emotional intensity for success, all manner of emotion-producing devices must be employed in its practice… The material contained in this volume represents the type of Satanic rite which has been employed in the past for specialized productive or destructive ends.” Rituals include “Le Messe Noir,” “The Ceremony of the Stifling Air,” “Das Tierdrama,” and more—“REGE SATANAS! AVE, SATANAS! HAIL, SATAN!”

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 220 pages

Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult

Peter Levenda

Satan, sex, eugenics, Tibet and the Swastika. How the Nazis attempted to become all-powerful through the wicked enchantment of ritualism. The search for power beyond any physical elements and the struggle to be the most fearful country to ever exist: “Mark my words, Bormann, I’m going to become very religious…”—Adolf Hitler. TD

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 407 pages

The Ape That Spoke: Language and the Evolution of the Human Mind

John McCrone

“Author's Warning: “Books about the mind have a poor track record. They are usually either mystical meanderings or jargon-ridden textbooks. More seriously, they often lack a unifying viewpoint to bring the subject into focus. This book tries to view the mind from a single illuminating perspective. It is based on the assumption that the human mind must have evolved; that self-consciousness must have a biological basis. It then uses plain language to take the reader through some difficult territory: the origins of language, the evolution of habits of thought, and the 'mapping' of the world in the brain which creates awareness. It ends up with the controversial conclusion that the human mind is only a few degrees different from an animal's and that self-consciousness, memory and higher emotions are all simple language-driven abilities which we pick up as children.”

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 288 pages

Cop to Call Girl

Norma Jean Almodovar

“The true story of Norma Jean Almodovar’s remarkable journey from squadroom to bedroom, from prison cell to political arena—an unforgettable celebration of a very smart and sexy lady who, when she was bad, was very good!”

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 337 pages