No Success Like Failure: The American Love of Self-Destruction, Self-Aggrandizement and Breaking Even

Ivan Solotaroff

At the point of convergence between extremes of fame and infamy, the entire fabric of “received ideas” to which our culture clings gets caught up in a tailspin and scattered to the wind in a variety of surprising reconfigurations. Author Solotaroff stakes out a kind of vanguard terrain—at once anomalous and absolutely integral to any social analysis of life in late-20th-century America—and he explores it by way of its complex and conflicted denizens: Charles Manson, James Brown, Andrew “Dice” Clay and certain lesser-known, though no less legendary, figures, such as street corner comic Charlie Barnett, unsigned basketball prodigy Earl Manigault, and Ray and Jay, the kids who took seriously Judas Priest’s “subliminal command” to “do it.” All casualties, in some form or another, of the glare of the spotlight. JT

Publisher: Sheep Meadow
Hardback: 224 pages

Kabbalah and Consciousness

Allen Afterman

“This book enables the general reader to gain insight into the inner life of the Jewish mystical tradition… it concerns itself with the movement from ordinary consciousness toward knowledge of the infinite, the process of rectification by which the eternal is revealed in everyday reality, and an exploration of male and female modes of being.”

Publisher: Sheep Meadow
Hardback: 129 pages