Musique Fantastique: A Survey of Film, Music in the Fantastic Cinema

Randall D. Larson

Worldwide guide to horror movie soundtracks and their composers.

Publisher: Scarecrow
Hardback: 602 pages

Assault on Society: Satirical Literature to Film

Donald W. McCaffrey

“Explores over four decades of satirical and dark comedy films, a genre that has been examined only piecemeal before. Since many of these were adapted from novels and dramas, McCaffrey concentrates on literature transformed to the screen. Some works of this genre attack society’s defects with the intent to change them, or at least to enlighten us. If change seems impossible, the absurdist tone of the work has value, as in the case of Dr. Strangelove, Catch-22, The Day of the Locust, or A Clockwork Orange.”

Publisher: Scarecrow
Paperback: 293 pages

Hitchcock and Homosexuality: His 50-Year Obsession with Jack the Ripper and the Superbitch Prostitute —A Psychoanalytic View

Theodore Price

Publisher: Scarecrow
Hardback: 434 pages

The Word Made Flesh: Catholicism and Conflict in the Films of Martin Scorsese

Michael Bliss

“Focuses on Scorsese’s consistent thematic concerns, many of which seem to draw on the conflict between conventional morality and individual desires.”

Publisher: Scarecrow
Hardback: 168 pages