Guy Debord Is Really Dead

Luther Blisset

Stinging attack on the Situationist International and its legacy—”the major failures of the Situationist International considered in their historical, cultural, psychological, sexual and especially political aspects, appended with the modest proposal that we cease allowing the traditions of the dead generations to dominate the lives of the living.” AK

Publisher: Sabotage
Pamphlet: 40 pages

Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and Diversions: A Collection of Lies, Hoaxes and Hidden Truths

Stewart Home

“Is Prince Charles the reincarnation of Hitler? Does the Queen push drugs? Is the invisible Rosicrucian College still active in London? Does the Vatican ritually abuse children? Is the CIA responsible for the death of Kurt Cobain?” Home revives the spirit of the scandal-sheet press, responsible for bringing down the monarchy in France, and hopefully he will succeed where others have failed in England. Twenty essays on subjects ranging from occultist royals, microchips and Dresden to Gilbert and George, the K Foundation, bioengineered criminality, and TV terrorists. FLA

Publisher: Sabotage
Pamphlet: 48 pages