The Bondage Book #4: The Art of Tying Men Up Firmly

Rick Castro

From Rick Castro, photographer and co-director of Santa Monica Boulevard underground-film sensation Hustler White: “a compilation of beautifully xeroxed bondage art. Included in this issue are new bondage photos by Castro, who is now exploring the great outdoors with his Ansel Adams-meets-Drummer magazine series; the fetish art of Fuwa, Japan’s answer to Tom of Finland; the drawings of Swiss kinkmeister Carmilla Caliban Cock, which have the look of Giger and Cronenberg (if they were fixated on dicks); Charles of France, beautiful drawings of men in their golden years in bondage (picture Barry Goldwater tied up with his balls stretched); and the romper-stomper of the high-art world, Attila Richard Lukcas, his paintings of post-Communist skinheads are what Aryan dreams are made of; plus celebrity interviews with the accomplished eccentric masochistic artist and human ashtray/knife sharpener of Hustler White, Graham David Smith and the star of Hustler White (and the sexiest man since Joe Dallesandro), Tony Ward, in bondage at last!”

Publisher: Pyewackett
Pamphlet: 66 pages