American Extremists: Militias, Supremacists, Klansmen, Communists and Others

John George and Laird Wilcox

Two liberal researchers do their level best to separate the left-wing nuts and the right-wing nuts that keep our country’s paranoia and misinformation flying. Hard Left, old and new: the Socialist Workers Party, Communist Party USA, Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panther Party. Hard Right: the John Birch Society (“A plot to sell books?”), the Christian Right, the militias, the Nation of Islam, the KKK, neo-Nazis (“assorted”), and the Jewish Defense League. “What sort of radical groups exist? What do they want and what are they willing to do to accomplish their goals? How serious is the danger?” Or are they only 10 percent committed and 90 percent “cowards, dopes, nuts, one-track minds, blabbermouths, boobs, incurable tight-wads and—worst of all—hobbyists: people who have to enjoy a perverted, masochistic pleasure in telling each other forever how we are all being raped by the ‘shh-you-know who,’ but who, under no conditions, would think of risking their two cars, landscaped homes or juicy jobs to DO something about it,” as George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party in 1959, said in disdain and disillusionment. In-depth histories, profiles of founding personalities, political agendas, and an appendix of fake quotes and fabricated documents. GR

Publisher: Prometheus
Paperback: 443 pages

Having Love Affairs

Richard Taylor

“Taylor skillfully analyzes the nature and content of love affairs through discussions of fidelity, the ethics of love affairs, how love affairs start, vanity and the male ego, the language of the eyes, the fulfillment of needs, and the development of rules for those involved in or affected by an affair.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Paperback: 188 pages

Queen of Burlesque: The Autobiography of Yvette Paris

Yvette Paris

“At night she was a loving wife and mother. During the day she’d pack her sequined G-strings and leave for New York City—to take her place in the world of Times Square as the Queen of Burlesque.’ This unusual woman successfully reconciled family life with her career as the most sought-after striptease performer in New York… A journey through the world of strip joints, peeps shows, gogo bars and for-men-only magazines. This story explodes many of the myths about exotic dancing and shows that it really is possible to be an old-fashioned woman in an X-rated world.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 188 pages

Raw Talent: The Adult Film Industry as Seen by Its Most Popular Male Star

Jerry Butler

“Meet the women of sex flicks, the producers, the directors—and Jerry Butler, by far the wittiest and most charismatic of all adult-film actors. From his middle-class childhood in Brooklyn, to his early career as a hockey star, to the beginning of his acting career in Greenwich Village, to the making of his first X-rated film and his years of starring in sex videos, Jerry bares his soul more completely than he’s ever bared his body!”

Publisher: Prometheus
Paperback: 323 pages

A Youth in Babylon: Confessions of a Trash-Film King

David Friedman with Don DeNevi

“They sold sin and sensation with the magic words ‘Uncut! Uncensored! Adults only,’ and the most happily shameless of them all was David F. Friedman, the emperor of the ‘exploitation’ films. Friedman perfected the fine art of sleaze and delightfully admits that he has hurled more garbage at the public than anyone else before or since. This book is as much his story as it is the history of an idea that in recent times has enjoyed a remarkable rebirth.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 355 pages