Beyond the War on Drugs: Overcoming a Failed Public Policy

Steven Wisotsky

“For seven decades, the American Government has been waging a War on Drugs. Seemingly, this war has received the enthusiastic support of the American people who have chosen to vote into office politicians promising to prosecute it vigorously… In this exhaustively, indeed masterfully documented study, professor Wisotsky demonstrates the failure, on a truly gigantic scale, of the American people’s effort to deprive themselves of the drugs so many of them want.”—Thomas Szasz

Publisher: Prometheus
Paperback: 279 pages

Cannibalism: From Sacrifice to Survival

Hans Askenasy, Ph.D.

“A comprehensive history of a subject that is a combination of extreme violence, horror and exotic customs. Discusses the many well-known incidents of cannibalism, including the Incas and Aztecs, Georg Haarman, the Donner Party, the Leningrad siege during World War II, the Andes airplane crash, the Colorado man-eater, and Jeffrey Dahmer, as well as the historical background of cannibalism, including natural and man-made famines, magic, religious rituals, sacrifice, werewolves, witches and vampires.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 268 pages

Witch-Children: From Salem Witch-Hunts to Modern Courtrooms

Hans Sebald, Ph.D.

“A comparison of the unflinching credibility afforded children in our contemporary epidemic of molestation allegations and the hysteria over Satanism in the 16th and 17th centuries. The common circumstances between the two eras are frightening.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 258 pages

The Breathless Orgasm: A Lovemap Biography of Asphyxiophilia

John Money, Gordon Wainwright, and David Hingsburger

“Explores a disorder in which sexual arousal and orgasm are dependent upon self-strangulation and asphyxiation. Although little-known to the public at large, asphyxiophilic rituals are often the unmentioned, or unrecognized, causes of the accidental suicides of young men. In this dramatic, intensely personal autobiographical account, the first ever written by an asphyxiophiliac, Nelson Cooper recounts in both prose and poetry the bizarre story of his tortured life… The Breathless Orgasm is both an autobiography of an asphyxiophiliac and a sophisticated study of this sex-related mental illness.”
From the author’s memoirs: “In many of my masturbation fantasies I was a disco dancer like John Travolta (whom I hate) from Saturday Night Fever. I imagined that I was wearing a tight, white jumper suit that sparkled in the lights while I danced. After I had danced, I would walk home at night, still wearing the suit. Suddenly, a bunch of boys would gang up on me and strangle me. My penis could be seen through the tight suit, and my pelvis struggled until the orgasm came out with my last gasp. My mouth was wide open and my tongue stuck way out until it folded back in and disappeared when I died. The boys would just leave me there. My clothes were never taken off. I started using the tongue trick when I really choked myself in front of the mirror.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 178 pages

The Horseman: Obsessions of a Zoophile

Mark Matthews

“The Horseman is a completely candid, sometimes graphic, sexual autobiography of one man’s struggle to come to terms with the private demon of bestiality. Matthews traces his obsession with horses through his teen years, troubled marriage, his experience as a parent and his eventual divorce. The underlying problem and his attempt to deny it led him to drug abuse, self-loathing and the brink of suicide, before he finally came to accept himself as he is and to leave guilt behind.”
From The Horseman: “Down the beach a couple of hundred yards was a portable corral where a riding concessionaire kept his horses at night. I made friends with the wrangler, and he pointed out a bay mare that he said had ‘a bad ovary’; she stayed in heat continuously. The owner used her to keep his stud happy, since she’d take one anytime. About midnight I checked it out. It was true. Even though I had to stand on an upturned feed tub to mesh our genitals, she fucked me silly.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 208 pages

The Kaspar Hauser Syndrome of “Psychosocial Dwarfism”: Deficient Statural, Intellectual, and Social Growth Induced by Child Abuse

John Money

“The case of Kaspar Hauser, who was kept in a small dark room and subjected to extreme deprivation, went down in the annals of social thought as an object lesson in civilizing nurture over untamed nature. Money reviews the history of medicine’s attempt to interpret the complex manifestations of social deprivation in various biological and psychological responses.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 290 pages

The Lotus Lovers: The Complete History of the Curious Erotic Custom of Footbinding in China

Howard S. Levy

“It is difficult for Western minds to comprehend a practice that involved such physical pain and deformity, yet men demanded it and women acquiesced. This book examines footbinding’s origins in myth and history, why the Chinese allowed it to flourish, and the varied efforts by missionaries and liberal reformers to abolish it. Interviews living, footbound women who relate their experiences. Translations from Chinese erotic literature extol the beauty and sexual attraction of the ‘Golden Lotus’—a euphemism for the tiny foot—and reveal the peculiar fascination that bound feet and the ‘willow walk’ held for Chinese men.” Was the particular charm of the lotus-foot its usefulness as a simultaneous anal probe and perineum tickler?

Publisher: Prometheus
Hardback: 352 pages

Lovemaps: Sexual/Erotic Health and Pathology, Paraphilia and Gender Transposition in Childhood, Adolescence and Maturity

John Money

“Dr. John Money [John Hopkins University, director of the Psychohormonal Research Unit] is internationally known for his clinical and research work in the new and growing science of developmental sexology… Money has coined the term ‘lovemap’ to describe the mental template expressed in every individual’s sexuoerotic fantasies and practice. According to Dr. Money, lovemap pathology has its genesis early in life, but manifests itself in full after puberty. The author gives us a close examination of paraphilia, a lovemap that in response to the neglect, suppression or traumatization of its normophilic formation has developed with distortions, and is legally referred to as perversion.” Includes a glossary of paraphilias from autagonistophilia (“in which sexuerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and dependent upon, being observed or being on stage or on camera”) to zoophilia (“in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and dependent upon, engaging in cross-species sexual activities, that is, with an animal”), lovemaps grouped by type (sacrifice and expiation, marauding and predation, fetishes and talismans, etc.), unusual lovemap case histories, and information on treatment.

Publisher: Prometheus
Paperback: 331 pages

S and M: Studies in Dominance and Submission

Edited by Thomas S. Weinberg

Originally written in 1983, this revised edition of the classic Weinberg-Kamel work has collected recent research and writing on sadomasochism, including material never before published. Topics include gay and lesbian SM; SM and prostitution; women in the SM scene; unusual body modifications, including piercing, branding and burning; sadomasochistic organizations; the role of pain and fantasy in SM; and the increasing integration of SM themes into areas of popular culture such as the arts, literature, mass media and fashion. Eighteen articles explaining the weirdness of human nature and sexuality.
Discusses the urge for non-mainstream body modification as a rite of passage, ceremonial symbolism and affiliation. The ritual symbolism is to make visible and tangible beliefs, ideas, values, sentiments and psychological dispositions that cannot directly be perceived. For the purpose of affiliation with a desired social order, people surrender what is dearest to them: the body itself. Through adornment, the naked skin moves one from the biological world to the cultural world. CF

Publisher: Prometheus
Paperback: 312 pages

Prescription: Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death

Jack Kevorkian, M.D.

“In advocating ‘medicide’ and its ethic of indvidual self-determination, the famed ‘suicide doctor’ expands a view that began more than thirty years ago with his opposition to those who would deny to death row inmates the choice—requested by many—to be executed in a manner that permits life-saving organ donation… Kevorkian willingly takes on the medical establishment, politicians and all others who actively resist a rational program of dignified, humane and beneficial planned death.”

Publisher: Prometheus
Paperback: 268 pages