The Last Words of Lee Harvey Oswald

Compiled by Mae Brussell

“Determined to learn Oswald’s last words, his only testimony, The People’s Almanac assigned Brussell, one the leading authorities on the Kennedy assassination, to compile every known statement or remark made by Oswald between his arrest and death. The quotes, edited for space and clarity, are based on the recollections of a variety of witnesses present at different times and are not verbatim transcripts.”

Publisher: Prevailing Winds
Pamphlet: 10 pages

Mae Brussell Reader

Mae Brussell

“Starting with her research into the JFK assassination, Brussell uncovered the cast of characters in an international fascist network which was strangling the American democratic system. Her meticulous research and documentation make it impossible to ignore her political analysis of contemporary America. The anthology contains: ‘The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination’ (1983); ‘Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?’ (1972); ‘Why Is the Senate Watergate Committee Functioning as Part of the Coverup?’ (1972); and ‘Why Was Patty Hearst Kidnapped?’ (1974).”

Publisher: Prevailing Winds
Paperback: 119 pages

Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal (The Torbitt Document)

“William Torbitt”

“‘William Torbitt,’ the pseudonym of a prominent conservative Southwestern lawyer, sifted through the Warren Commission volumes and Jim Garrison’s files, then pursued his own leads to track down JFK’s murderers. FBI, CIA, DISC, Nazis, Big Oil: ‘Torbitt’ names the conspirators, explains how they interlinked, and provides a comprehensive study of the plot. Yes, he names the gunmen… This researcher’s edition of Torbitt is set in larger type and contains a detailed index of all the names in the document to facilitate tracing the many threads ‘Torbitt’ weaves together.”

Publisher: Prevailing Winds
Pamphlet: 32 pages

“The Role of Richard Nixon and George Bush in the Assassination of President Kennedy” and “How Nixon Actually Got Into Power”

Paul Kangas and Mae Brussell

“Paul Kangas, who admits to having worked for Naval Intelligence, sketches in the whereabouts of Richard Nixon and George Bush on the day and the days following the JFK assassination.”

Publisher: Prevailing Winds
Pamphlet: 8 pages

Reagangate: White House Connections to the Vicki Morgan Killing

Larry Flynt

“Remember Vicki Morgan, the naughty young lady who participated in magnate Alfred Bloomingdale’s SM orgies? Remember Bloomingdale’s pal, Ronald Reagan? Remember how Vicki was murdered right after she told the press she had videotapes of top Reagan officials frolicking in sexual abandon? Remember how Larry Flynt suddenly got the tapes? Well, here’s Larry’s story! A mind-boggling look at fascist kink and squalor.”

Publisher: Prevailing Winds
Pamphlet: 2 pages