Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses — Maud Gonne, Moina Bergson Mathers, Annie Horniman, Florence Farr

Mary Greer

“Tells the story of four magical women who acted outside the boundaries of accepted codes of behavior and heralded the birth of a new age and a new kind of woman. In the heart of the repressive Victorian era, aristocratic revolutionary Maud Gonne, psychic channel Moina Bergson Mathers, patron of the arts Annie Horniman and actress Florence Farr formed the heart of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Their imaginative skills, determination and belief in their own abilities worked a kind of great magic that transformed not only themselves but politics, literature and the Western traditions of alchemy, astrology, Hermeticism and ceremonial magic as well. Today’s woman can draw from the knowledge, struggles and triumphs of these uncompromising spiritual foremothers to help achieve her own self-esteem, power and wisdom.”

Publisher: Park Street
Paperback: 576 pages

The Great Book of Hemp: The Complete Guide to the Commercial, Medicinal and Psychotropic Uses of the World's Most Extraordinary Plant

Robert A. Nelson

This book focuses on some of the most interesting aspects of the diverse plant known as hemp or Cannabis sativa. This complete guide to hemp covers not only the spiritual-enlightenment applications but also its role as a fiber crop and its past and present commercial, medical and environmental uses. “With new technology it is possible to make anything from hemp that we now make from petroleum,” such as paints and plastics. Europe has lifted bans on the cultivation of industrial hemp and many items made from it are showing up in the marketplace, from jeans to sneakers, tree-free paper to insulation. The author discusses hemp’s role in Hindu culture and other religions, and studies the effects of smoking marijuana, both physical and mental. Also featured are little-known truths about hemp and its role in American history. For instance, entries by George Washington in his farming diary about sowing and harvesting hemp, and Washington’s letters to overseer William Pearce about Indian hemp in particular are included. The bok goes on to discuss the “prejudices and coverups behind the marijuana hysteria of the last 50 years.” Includes appendix of hemp resources and the hemp marketplace. DW

Publisher: Park Street
Paperback: 256 pages

Alternative Science: Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment

Richard Milton

Cold fusion, holistic medicine, non-HIV AIDS research, psychokinesis, telepathy, Bioenergy—these fields of research have one thing in common: They’re all big no-no’s according to today’s western “scientific fundamentalism.” Anyone who dares attempt serious research in any of these areas is liable to lose funding, respect and even his or her job as an increasingly intolerant scientific community goes to greater and greater lengths to quash all “heretical” inquiry, even in the face of often staggering empirical evidence. As British Fortean philosopher John Michell says on the back cover, “There is a tyranny of science devouring our lives, minds and cultures, and Richard Milton has exposed it.” Unfortunately, despite its great intentions, the book tends to bog down in its own whining, preachiness, redundancy, and ye olde English dull-dull-dullness, leaving it even more boring than your average garden-variety “non-alternative” science text. DB

Publisher: Park Street
Paperback: 272 pages