Radical Vegetarianism

Mark Matthew Braunstein

If you are a vegetarian, is it OK to wear leather shoes? No. Can you drink milk? No. What about sugar, that’s a plant, right? Wrong. According to Braunstein, bones are used to refine sugar. He says that what can be eaten is more important than what cannot. These ponderings run the gamut of modern diet fetish, taking on timely topics such as raw foods, vitamins and macrobiotics. Even an 11-year program to become a spiritually correct vegetarian is outlined.
“Chicken soup might be pronounced kosher, yet no hen has announced publicly her Judaism,” he quips. Other attempts at humor, some successful, are mixed into the rants on such topics as evil meat karma, why milk sucks and the virtues of food combining. Did you know that when people die from choking, it is usually a piece of meat that kills them? It’s all in this cool book. “After all,” Braunstein writes, “life is a joke, and death its laughter.” GE

Publisher: Panacea
Paperback: 138 pages