The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Gore Vidal

A collection of essays previously published in the Nation, with a new preface by the author. AK

Publisher: Odonian
Paperback: 95 pages

The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many

Noam Chomsky

A wide-ranging, state-of-the-world report from America’s most influential intellectual. Recent interviews with David Barsamian cover everything from Bosnia to NAFTA. AK

Publisher: Odonian
Paperback: 111 pages

Secrets, Lies and Democracy

Noam Chomsky

The latest collection of interviews with David Barsamian, focusing on the domestic scene—how is our claim to democracy limited and defective? What does the term “democracy” describe in the real world? As ever, perceptive and provocative. AK

Publisher: Odonian
Paperback: 128 pages

East Timor: Genocide in Paradise

Matthew Jardine

Since 1974, Indonesia has exterminated one-third of the population, with U.S. complicity. Here’s the how and why of this disaster. Introduction by Noam Chomsky. AK

Publisher: Odonian
Paperback: 110 pages