Knockin’ on Joe: Voices From Death Row

Sondra London

“The mercurial Sondra London has collected stark tales of crime and punishment, guilt and innocence, violence and pain, straight from America’s death rows and maximum-security prisons. Told in their own distinct voices, the stories of the men themselves ring loud and, sometimes appallingly, clear. Among the many with stories to tell are:
• Bobby Fieldmore Lewis—the only man ever to escape from Florida’s death row, he writes with disarming candor about his life of crime, his time on the row, and the time he spent with the hated Ted Bundy
• Ottis Toole—deranged partner of Henry Lee Lucas, who tells of his gothic nightmare childhood
• Carl Panzram—the noble psychopath, and original ‘killer author,’ writing here of his incredible worldwide murder spree
• Wayne Henderson—a free spirit trapped within the California Corrections system, writing of his own dubious murder conviction and the nightmare of prison life
•Danny Rolling—one of the most dangerous men in the USA today, currently on trial for his life. His stories attempt to make sense of the bleak road that leads to nowhere, while London speaks candidly of her love for Rolling—a love which has outraged American TV viewers.”

Publisher: Nemesis
Paperback: 313 pages

Monsters of Weimar: The Stories of Fritz Haarmaan/Peter Kürten

Theodor Lessing/Karl Berg, M.D.

Comprises the classic histories Haarmann: The Story of a Werewolf and The Sadist. “In Weimar Germany, before the Nazis rose, the most evil men were those who sought out innocent victims in the backstreets and alleys. Fritz Haarman, the ‘Butcher of Hannover’ captured young men to satisfy his sexual desires, to fill his pockets with their stolen cash, to satiate his bloodlust and to stock his butcher store with the flesh of their young bodies. Peter Kürten was known as ‘The Vampire of Düsseldorf’ during his reign of terror, and no human being was sacred or safe. For the first time ever, the classic case histories of these two human monsters—banned by Hitler soon after he came to power—appear in one disturbing volume.” Introduction by Colin Wilson. AK

Publisher: Nemesis
Paperback: 306 pages