The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid

Edited by Kevin Alfred Storm

The National Vanguard is a Neo-Nazi group headed by Dr. William Pierce (the author of The Turner Diaries). The major difference behind the National Alliance and other neo-Nazi groups is its blatant intellectualism, with articles on Ficthte, and a sociological interpretation of “Punk Rock.” Makes for interesting reading, marred by inherent conservatism. SC

Publisher: National Vanguard
Paperback: 217 pages

The Turner Diaries

Andrew Macdonald

Incendiary speculative-fiction, race-war novel penned by William L. Pierce, leader of the neo-Nazi National Vanguard based in the hills of West Virginia. Originally published in 1978, it is reputed to be the inspiration to Idaho’s murderous Order and the Oklahoma “fertilizer bomb.”

Publisher: National Vanguard
Paperback: 216 pages

New World Order Comix: #1, The Saga of… White Will!!

William L. Pierce, Drawing and Lettering Daniel “Rip” Roush

Follow the wacky adventures of White Will and his pals, as they try to get to the bottom of a mysterious wave of “political correctness” that threatens to turn their whole school upside down! When the teacher suddenly claims that Cleopatra, Hannibal and even Beethoven were really black, White Will smells a rat. Despite a ban on “politically incorrect” books, Will and his pals learn the truth about the race-mixers’ evil plan, and when they decide to stand up to the vicious Jews, revisionist Negroes, inscrutable Orientals and race-traitor “wiggers,” get ready for a laff riot!
The fun really begins when that rascally Jew Izzy Rabinowitz uses every trick in the Talmud to turn not only his Negro lackeys but the “wiggers” against Will and the gang. When Izzy and his mudrace mongrels try to stage a bogus “anti-racism” assembly, White Will gives ‘em a taste of their own medicine, and, in a rollicking free-for-all that’ll have you in stitches the Satanic ZOG-meisters find out the hard way that “Race Mixing isn’t Kosher!” New World Order Comix is brought to you by the nice folks of the National Alliance. DB

Publisher: National Vanguard
Pamphlet: 37 pages