The Dracula Cookbook of Blood

Ardin C. Price and Trishna Leszczyc

As the title suggests, this is indeed a collection of recipes that necessitate the use of blood. These are real recipes from Finland to Samoa, China to Africa—the reader can probably find one of Great-Great Grandma’s recipes in here. Some are short and succinct, such as the Blood Breakfast Cakes from Scotland, “Thicken cow’s blood with fine oatmeal and season to taste. Shape into patties and fry.“ Or a slight variation from Indonesia, Pudding Cakes, “Mix blood and cooked rice, season to taste. Form into patties and bake.” Others, especially those from France, are much more involved. Over 60 authentic recipes are interspersed with folklore and a short history of blood consumption. The only problem might be finding the blood to cook with! TR

Publisher: Mugwort Soup
Paperback: 149 pages