Call Me Mistress: Memoirs of a Phone Sex Performer

Natalie Rhys

“Phone sex is a unique form of erotica. Like written stories it is pure fantasy, yet… it is the customer’s fantasy, not the writer’s.” A self-described “mild-mannered computer systems analyst by day,” Rhys transforms herself into “an uninhibited fantasy performer by night,” answering phone-sex calls in her home. In these pages, however, her uninhibited side takes a backseat to her analytical prowess, as she divides callers into categories such as ‘Demanding,’ ‘Invasive’ or ‘Pseudo-Intimate,’ among others. Her volunteer work as a telephone crisis-line counselor is apparent throughout as she speculates on the life experiences that may lead to a caller’s particular fantasy. She never mentions if she gets her crisis-line clients confused with her phone-sex callers, only to tell the lovelorn and suicidal to try a hot coffee enema. While Rhys describes phone sex as “the perfect second job,” her book is more New Age touchy-feely than hot and sexy—definitely not the stroke book to bring to a desert island. On the other hand, Call Me Mistress is an excellent primer to the nuts-and-bolts business of phone sex. LP

Publisher: Miwok
Paperback: 123 pages