Spiritual Vampires: The Use and Misuse of Spiritual Power

Marty Raphael

Welcome to Marty’s World, a super-duper-easy-to-read look at some terrible things that happened to a very nice girl. After years of abuse from her father, Marty lost the use of her voice and suffered from adrenaline addiction, learning disabilities, depression, chronic back pain, eating disorders and a spiritual addiction. Her father was a spiritual vampire. “Vampirism is a progressive disease that begins with parasitic activity, devolves to predatorial activity and finally erupts into some type of serious perpetration,” she writes. And perpetrate, he did.
After spending over $100,000 on pop religions to get over the effects of her father’s abuse, she is now faced with overcoming the abuse of pop religions. Several exposés are served up. Some are pretty quirky, such as the one about one group where the female leader initiated a 13-year-old boy into manhood during an Ecstasy-fueled sex ritual. Another cool story she tells is about a cult called The Work, where you have to run 60 miles, three times a month; thus the adrenaline addiction.
It’s hard to disagree with the simple, sound advice Raphael gives about scoping out your guru. She should know. She gives point by point details on how to select good workshops, evaluate teachers and how to recognize spiritual vampires. GE

Publisher: Message
Paperback: 256 pages

Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine

Dale Pond and Walter Baumgartner

According to the New York World-Telegram, Nikola Tesla claimed to have set off an earthquake in the vicinity of his Manhattan laboratory in 1898. The authors have investigated his claim and also his plans to create a worldwide power transmission system based on “tele-geo-dynamics,” the art of producing terrestrial motions at a distance. A new science of vibrational physics is proposed based on Tesla and John Keely’s lost research. Includes reproductions of the original patents for Tesla’s electric generator and plans for building your own mechanical oscillator-generator. SS

Publisher: Message
Paperback: 176 pages