Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes

Richard Kostelanetz

Rimbaud, Stein, Cage, Beefheart, electronic music, Reinhardt, Duchamp, Fuller, Paik, performance art, Reich, copy culture, etc. “Elucidates, celebrates, enumerates and sometimes obliterates achievers and achievements in the avant-garde arts. Although it runs from A to Z, it could have easily have been written from Z to A (or in any other order you might imagine) and may be read from front to back, back to front, or point to point. It is opinionated, as all good dictionaries should be, but it is also inclusive, because there can never be just one avant-garde.” If you don’t like it, says the author, go read the phone book. GR

Publisher: A Cappella
Paperback: 246 pages