Killing Time: The First Full Investigation Into the Unsolved Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman

Donald Freed and Raymond P. Briggs, Ph.D.

If you think you have heard and read all there is to read about the O.J. Simpson trial, think again. This thought-provoking book presents such questions as: Who left the evidence found in Nicole’s garage? What happened to the prosecution’s initial double-assassin theory? Who was Nicole’s other gentleman caller that night? Why was the constellation of violence and murders around Ronald Goldman not explored? Could Ron have been the target? Or Faye Resnick? Or O.J. himself? JB

Publisher: Macmillan
Hardback: 307 pages

How To Solve a Murder: The Forensic Handbook

Michael Kurland

At first glance this looks more like a “Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego?” book, but author Kurland has written a more serious book than either the cover or the inside illustrations convey. The reader is taken through a typical murder investigation step by step, using a fictional crime tailored so that as many forensic techniques as possible are covered. Interspersed are anecdotes of real crimes; the historical notes are worthy and give a good background to the contemporary information. From blood spatters to ballistics, for the novice crime buff or mystery-novel reader, a good introduction to the world of the homicide voyeur. TR

Publisher: Macmillan
Paperback: 194 pages

Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage

William Loren Katz

“In course of time the American people got in to Florida and began to live. This caused trouble. The colored people and the Indians, being natives of the land, naturally went on the warpath. They fought until the American people called. The Indians and the Negroes gave them peace.”—Joe Phillips, Black Seminole, 1930 SC

Publisher: Macmillan
Paperback: 198 pages