Mayhem: More From the Master of Malice

George Hayduke

“Random recipes for revenge from a known bully-buster and his prankish allies—Captain Video, The Razor, Dirk Smegma, Belzebubba, Magic Z, Biggus Piraphicus, The Gooch, Prairie Dog, et al. Learn to make vengeful use of common things like glue, trash, pornography, chicken parts, roadkill and graffiti. (Also learn how not to get caught). From Mayhem, under “Toilets”: “Your mark goes into the stall, slips down his or her pants, slacks, skirts, whatever . . . You stoop smartly down in front of the stall door and very quickly, briskly, and with great vigor, grab the skirt, pants or whatever and yank them toward you as fast and hard as you can. The immediate goal is to totally depants your mark. Hopefully, this will include the mark’s underwear as well. You then leave the bathroom area, keeping the garments, giving them to some needy soul outside, or tossing them in the nearest waste receptacle. “Meanwhile, what of the mark, sitting there with no pants, skirt, underwear, etc.? Yes, what of the mark? I know I’m laughing already.” GR

Publisher: Lyle Stuart
Paperback: 185 pages