The Family Jams

Steve 'Clem' Grogan et al

“In 1970 some close friends of Charles Manson recorded his collection of lost ‘desert music’ songs as a statement of friendship and faith during his highly unconstitutional trial. This is the definitive release of the classic acid-folk-rock session of Manson compositions—featuring Clem on vocals and guitar, ultra-ethereal female backing vocals by Brenda (Gold), Country Sue and others, and Gypsy on violin. The second CD contains an hour of never-before-heard songs and radical alternate versions. The 20-page booklet contains psychedelic embroidery from the legendary missing vests of Manson and Beausoleil, unpublished photos and vast liner notes written by Manson, Lynette Fromme (Red) and Sandra Good (Blue).”

Publisher: Aoroa
Audio CD