Citizen X

Robert Cullen

The author presents a chilling portrait of the Soviet Union’s most infamous sexmurderer, Andrei Chikatilo, whose known death count was numbered at 53 victims. Chikatilo’s “calling card” was a vicious stab wound into the eyes of his helpless prey, usually young children.
Chikatilo’s case is classic in a psychiatric sense. His victims were mainly youngsters, and he was a sexually repressed schoolteacher who was often ridiculed by his students, who referred to him as “Antenna” or “Goose.” Chikatilo’s case parallels that of John Wayne Gacy: both men imagined that they had suffered wrongs at the hands of youngsters whom they themselves victimized. Later these imagined wrongs became the catalysts for their crimes. JB

Publisher: Ivy
Paperback: 290 pages