The K Wave: Profiting From the Cyclical Boom and Bust in the Global Economy

David Knox Barker

In 1926, a Russian named Nikolai Kondratieff studied the 200-year history of Western-style global economics for his boss, Joseph Stalin, and compared it to the economic model of Communism. His data showed that in approximate 50-year cycles, the free-market West went into a slump, repositioned itself, then rebounded with renewed vigor. This boom-and-bust cycle became known as the K Wave, and Kondratieff used it to successfully predict the Great Depression. In comparison, Kondratieff showed that the planned communist/socialist system would become inefficient and stagnant. For all his effort, Kondratieff got Siberia. We got the K Wave theory. How will it carry the new world economy through the current “fall” season? And who will survive the “winter,” and prosper in the next century? China? The United States? Or—ironically—the new Russia? GR

Publisher: Irwin
Hardback: 320 pages

The Secret Empire: How 25 Multinationals Rule the World

Janet Lowe

“Shows the global giants who are often more influential than the countries in which they operate! Lowe identifies the leading multinationals, describing what they do, their corporate personalities and who runs them.”

Publisher: Irwin
Hardback: 335 pages