Shamans of the 20th Century

Ruth-Inge Heinze

This book shows that it is possible to be a shaman and lead a successful life in the 20th century. Heinze introduces us to the lives of a Korean shaman who won a folk song contest in her home country, making her a TV star, and a Haitian voodoo neurochemist with a degree in biochemistry from Cornell University, among many others. This study is the result of five decades of work with shamans from all over the world. “The reader will, furthermore, learn more about the background of the oracle who is still consulted by the Dalai Lama at his residence at Daramsala, Northern India, and the shamanistic work of a 'Western' lawyer in the United States.” AF

Publisher: Irvington
Paperback: 259 pages

Amputees and Devotees

Grant C. Riddle

Scholarly study of female victims of lost limbs and the men who eroticize them. A recently discovered love twist, it’s known scientifically as acrotomophilia, viewed legally as a “perversion or deviancy” and socially as “kinky.” Presently, there are more than a million amputee women in the United States, and who knows how many paraphiliacs pining for their limbless Madonna.”These men are the ‘devotees’ whose hearts pound when they see a woman with one leg swinging between crutches, men who daydream of dining with a woman with only one hand to cut her steak. These are the men to whom a complete sexual experience means making love to an incomplete woman, an amputee.” Chapters on social stigma, prosthesis problems, sexual fantasies, amputees in literature and film, and women’s personal stories. GR

Publisher: Irvington
Hardback: 337 pages