Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Michael A. Hoffman II

Fastidiously describes the bovine masses being herded by those evil Masons working in consort with a secret 666-mind-control government called the “cryptocracy,” and clues us in how:
• “the Trinity Site” (the first atomic bomb test site in New Mexico) was Masonically determined—and Dealy Plaza, the sight of John Kennedy’s triangulation murder (rife with Masonic symbols, natch) was the location of the first Masonic temple in Dallas.
• politicians like Mario Cuomo and Marion Berry flash the “devil’s horns” gesture during speeches.
• the TV viewing audience is conditioned to accept staged murders by “lone-nut” assassinations via such stunts as the planting of a fugitive lead character named Hinckley on the premiere of the ABC show The Greatest American Hero—two weeks before Reagan was shot.
• the author of The Ultimate Evil, Maury Terry, was a close friend of James Carr, the son of Sam Carr, but denied it. When later asked why, Terry claimed he had “forgotten” that he knew Carr.
• the capstone on everybody’s favorite pyramid—the one on the dollar bill—will not be shown as completed until 22 satellites are placed around the Earth, at which point complete media/mind control will be in place.
• the defect in the Intel computer chip was announced the next business day after the Unabomber’s package killed IBM executive T. Mosser.
Includes photos of such Masons as “Jack the Ripper” and Harry S Truman (in “full occult regalia”), and examples of demonic subliminals in advertising. Let the cataclysm begin! MS

Publisher: Independent History and Research
Paperback: 126 pages

The Hoffman Newsletters

Michael A. Hoffman II

Michael Hoffman is an interesting fellow—a self-described white separatist, Fortean, Holocaust revisionist and anti-Masonic researcher. He has also been a stringer for AP and news editor and radio commentator for WEOS-FM. It is hard to dismiss him as a simple bigot. He is obviously highly intelligent and very literate, if pedantic. He has his own world view that he has been sharing over the years in his sometimes interesting and always high-priced newsletters.
This is a complete collection of his newsletters from 1987 through 1995. Hoffman is his least interesting when he is discussing race issues. He obviously has an ax to grind, but it reads like the editorial page of your local paper. And considering that he is often opining on current events, it’s like reading yesterday’s paper. More interesting is his historical research: he is dedicated to revealing the hidden history of white slavery in America. Although his research into this subject has gained him some positive attention from some mainstream historians, one doubts that this is true of his other historical interest—the denial of the reality of the Holocaust. Hoffman once worked for the infamous Institute for Historical Review. Jabs at the Holocaust, which run throughout the newsletters, are sure to offend many.
Hoffman’s exposé of the “psychodrama,” the molding of major events to enact Masonic rituals, is the most interesting thread running through the newsletters. Apparently he thinks that some of the major events of recent history have been adulterated with Masonic symbolism in order to cause some kind of change in mass society. This happens in such a way that the ritual is obvious to the Mason/Controllers (and people like Hoffman) and has a kind of subliminal effect on the public at large. “Dismiss me as a tree-hugger or a kook, as you like. But you’ll never dismiss the fact that three days after the U.S. started the war on Iraq, NASA turned the sky red over America. Canisters of barium were released in the air to achieve this awesome blood effect necessary to the pageantry of the alchemical show through which we are processed mentally and spiritually. On February 4, 14 bald eagles were ceremonially slaughtered in Oklahoma, in the heartland, their feet chopped off. The bald eagle is the national symbol of America. Must I spell it out for you? P-s-y-c-h-o-d-r-a-m-a; and on a huge scale here in the funhouse, where the real game is several magnitudes above the suit-and-tie talking heads.” TC

Publisher: Independent History and Research
Spiral: 330 pages

They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America and Industrial Britain

Michael A. Hoffman II

Well-researched and thoroughly documented, this history of Europeans kidnapped, purchased or taken from prisons to serve as slave labor in the American Colonies will be a shocker for many readers. SC

Publisher: Independent History and Research
Paperback: 137 pages