Ivan Illich

An insightful examination of the different work roles taken by each sex in traditional and modern societies. Included are discussions on the development of a wage-labor system and how this development has led to the modern confusion over each sex’s role. AK

Publisher: Heyday
Paperback: 194 pages

Alcatraz! Alcatraz!: The Indian Occupation of 1969-1971

Adam Fortunate Eagle

In its long history as a federal prison, many inmates had attempted to escape from Alcatraz, the island located in San Francisco Bay, named by the Spaniards for the seagulls who inhabit it. In 1969, however, a group of Native Americans, in an effort to focus the nation’s attention on the injustices dealt them in the past and present by the American government, landed on the then-abandoned island and claimed it for their people. The occupation went on for 19 long months, with the help of countless sympathizers who ferried supplies and people back and forth to the mainland. Adam Fortunate Eagle chronicles the events leading up to that audacious act as well as the day-to-day lives of those who lived on the island and the aftermath of the eventual forced evacuation of the protesters by federal authorities. With photographs by German-born Ilka Hartmann, Alcatraz! Alcatraz! stands as an important document of the continuing struggle of Native Americans to get their due from the invading empire known as America. AS

Publisher: Heyday
Paperback: 157 pages