Abortion: Questions and Answers

Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke

This is the little book that is known as “the Bible of the Right-to-Life movement.” The format of the book is a series of questions and answers which focus largely on the various stages of fetal development. On Page 303, there is a list of things that real “right-to-lifers” do. These include: distributing food, working on crisis phone lines, helping abused women, volunteering at hospitals and hospices, working for scouting programs and Meals on Wheels, tutoring, distributing maternity and infant clothing and sharing their homes with a pregnant stranger and foster children. There is also a section on adoption. Hopefully, anybody who makes it up to Page 300 and is ready to act on his/her beliefs will take these suggestions to heart instead of making bombs and stalking doctors. Readers with a taste for the macabre will find a delightful array of ghoulish merchandise advertised for sale in the back of this inflammatory little tome. SA

Publisher: Hayes
Paperback: 325 pages