Bottoming Book: Or How to Get Terrible Things Done to You By Wonderful People

Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt

This is a well-conceived book on what the authors call “gourmet” or “graduate” sex. If you’re not already familiar with the bare-bones essentials of SM, they offer suggested reading to bring you up to speed. The two requisites that form the basis for this book are communication and negotiation. By anticipating context and details and setting the limits in advance, it really is possible to achieve the greatest fulfillment. There are all kinds of things that bear thinking through, and the authors offer some excellent guidance for those in the process of designing a rewarding experience for both parties. The tone is healthy, honest and enthusiastic. For somebody still in the process of coming to grips with these sorts of fantasies, the sheer guilelessness of the presentation could be a revelation. As “new school” SM is less rigid about roles, there are numerous examples of bottoms topping and tops bottoming. Alice would be right at home in this charming Wonderland. The spiritual aspects of it all are even addressed in a manner that doesn’t choke you with New Age platitudes. In a word, this book is pragmatic. SA

Publisher: Greenery
Paperback: 124 pages