No One a Neutral: Political Hostage-Taking in the Modern World

Norman Antokol and Mayer Nudell

This book is a guide to dealing with the demands of terrorists. The author develops the thesis that it is indeed possible to deal with terrorists and bases his opinions on established cases. All the whys, hows, and possibilities are explored in this mini-encyclopedia of hostage negotiating. The author lists personality types of hostage takers, which he divides into basically four groups:
1. paranoid schizophrenics
2. psychotic depressives
3. antisocial personalities
4. inadequate personalities
Probably the most interesting chapter in the book is the “Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla,” which duplicates the standard set of instructions for improvising a terrorist milieu. This chapter is indeed the “meat on the bone,” as the following excerpt will show: “Molotov cocktails, gasoline, homemade contrivances such as catapults and mortars for firing explosives, grenades made of tubes and cans, smoke bombs, mines, conventional explosives such as dynamite and potassium chloride, plastic explosives, gelatine capsules, ammunition of every kind are indispensable to the success of the urban guerilla’s mission.” JB

Publisher: Alpha
Hardback: 248 pages

To Break a Tyrant’s Chains: Neo-Guerrilla Techniques for Combat

Duncan Long

According to the author, this book is an insurance policy against tyrants and would-be tyrants; it shows them that a small group of neo-guerrillas can bring down the strongest armies and force any police state to its knees. Long shows the secrets of how to secure and create weapons, and the tactics needed to use them when fighting just about anything imaginable, from attack helicopters to tanks. SC

Publisher: Alpha
Paperback: 147 pages