The Hitler Fact Book

Thomas Fuchs

The man with the little mustache is profiled by the minutiae of his earthly existence. Chapter titles include “Hitler’s Women,” “Hitler’s Diet,” “Hitler’s Horoscope,” “I Was Hitler’s Dentist,” “Hitler Laughs,” and “Why Didn’t Somebody Kill Him?” There’s still lots to learn about Germany’s Swastika Prince. His real name wasn’t Shickelgruber. He farted quite often in the presence of guests. He popped amphetamine capsules eight times a day. His mother’s portrait hung over his bed. He put seven teaspoons of sugar in his tea. He stayed mostly indoors to avoid “fresh-air poisoning.” He administered his own enemas. He sucked his fingers and chewed his nails. He said the Volkswagen “should look like a beetle. “ He commissioned pornographic films for his private viewing. He gave Henry Ford a medal for being a foreign friend of the Reich. GR

Publisher: Fountain
Paperback: 255 pages