Codes and Couriers for Secure Communications


Book and disk combination, dealing with types of codes. “Designed to allow individuals and companies who must exchange sensitive personal or business information, to develop and maintain a secure method of trading information with each other.” Includes Cypher Pad for Windows, a double substitution cypher. “Cryptologically, it works by converting the letters of the original file and of the Key into ASCII codes, and mathematically manipulating these codes… to produce the encrypted message.” Since the encryption Key consists of up to 15 spaces, a Pentium PC would take several thousand centuries to break the random combination of letters making up the code. The CIA and NSA, however, do not have this difficulty. It is only their effort that is keeping 36-space-plus Keys off the commercial market—and those would be near impossible for others to break. GR

Publisher: Flores
Paperback: 118 pages

How To Be Your Own Detective: A Step-by-Step, No-Nonsense Guide to Conducting Your Own Investigations

Kevin Sherlock

“Bust Bad Cops! Fight Crimes of Dishonesty! Pry Into Personal Affairs! Fight Sex Offenders! Spread the Dirt!” For the muckraker in us all: How to get dirty information on anybody. “You can use the public record to get the lowdown on a lover. Or find out which doctors, lawyers, contractors, salespeople, or other businesspeople to trust and which to avoid. If someone has done you wrong, you can use the public record to find out and expose his or her record of wrongdoing.” The “public record” contains criminal and legal information; coroner, medical and professional malpractice records; individual and corporate tax records; real estate, zoning, planning and land-use records, etc. Private investigators do it—why not you? Includes PC diskette. GR

Publisher: Flores
Paperback: 244 pages

How To Live Safely in a Dangerous World

Loren W. Christensen

How to stay smart and alert in our increasingly complicated environment that is full of daily shocks and surprises. “Packed with proven safety techniques, expert tips and survival methods you can use in your everyday life,” including:
• How burglars choose a home.
• How to talk to children about crime, carry valuables safely and survey your neighborhood for hot spots.
• Should you make eye contact with suspicious strangers?
• What to do when confronted by gangs.
• How to prepare yourself mentally to shoot at an intruder, coming home to an intruder, and what to say when you’ve got the drop on one.
• Twenty steps to take to prevent a carjacking. GR

Publisher: Flores
Paperback: 218 pages

Techniques of Secret Warfare: The Complete Manual of Undercover Operations

Carl Hammer

Cloak-and-dagger tip sheet detailing superserious spy methods. “Now you can study the techniques used by real professional spies and investigators. Learn how to gather any type of information you may want—or stop others from getting info on you!” 007-style contents include:
• The significance of HUMINT, or human intelligence gathering.
• Infiltration and maintaining cover.
• Methods for gaining entrance to enemy installations; how to open and reseal letters.
• Escaping in trains and vehicles; how to avoid dogs; escaping from handcuffs.
• Letter drops, couriers, visual signals, audio signals, scrambling systems, invisible ink.
• Hand cameras, video cameras, night-vision devices. GR

Publisher: Flores
Paperback: 174 pages