Historical Evidence for Unicorns

Larry Brian Radka

“The historical evidence for unicorns still firmly stands—because THE LORD GOD SAYS SO! THE HOLY BIBLE SAYS SO! THE ANCIENT MONUMENTS SAY SO!”
From this endearing premise Radka builds an unshakable case. “Many printed authorities tend to evade—or even outright deny—the proof of their existence,” he notes, and this baffling situation has led him to demonstrate that unicorns are real because unicorns are real—so there. It’s hard to argue with the perfection of this logic; easier, in fact, to imagine that the world is round. Clearly unfamiliar with such non-biblical concepts as myth, legend or metaphor, Radka takes as hard fact any mention in any culture of the fabulous beast. His chapter on “Current Evidence” purports to show that unicorns exist today; by “current,” however, he means 1486. Radka does, however, offer as evidence a badly reproduced photograph of a freak sheep. JW

Publisher: Einhorn
Paperback: 152 pages