The Ultimate Spy Book

H. Keith Melton

The accoutrements of espionage—the world’s second oldest profession—laid out in full-color, pornographic splendor for all the world to see. “An inconspicuous figure in a raincoat… border crossings at midnight… living under constant threat of betrayal and torture… secretive and shadowy, the world of the spy.” Nothing hidden—all tricks revealed! Thrill at the tiny danger of the lipstick pistol! the wrist pistol! the poison pellet pen! the cigarette pistol! the cigar pistol! the pipe pistol! the wallet gun! the toothpaste-tube gun! the glove gun! the poison pellet cane! and (don’t sit down) the rectal pistol! Then gasp at the miniature madness of the wristwatch camera! the briefcase camera! the cigarette-pack camera! the KGB necktie camera! the book camera! the waist-belt surveillance camera! the button camera! the matchbox camera! and the cigarette- lighter camera! (Sorry, no rectal camera.) Items from the collection of Keith Melton, adviser to U.S. intelligence agencies. Co-foreword by William Colby (ex-CIA) and Oleg Kalugin (ex-KGB), both of whom, during the Cold War, used many of the same spy tools on each other. GR

Publisher: DK
Hardback: 176 pages