Ice Cube Sex

Dr. Jack Haberstroh

Written by a former “advertising practitioner and university educator” who not only dismisses the notion that media manipulators are busy airbrushing tits, asses and cocks into advertising images, but claims that subliminal advertising doesn’t work anyhow. So, if you get horny looking at ice cubes and Ritz crackers, that’s your problem. MG

Publisher: CrossRoads
Paperback: 181 pages

Humans Eating Humans: The Dark Shadow of Cannibalism

Richard L. Sartore

“Contrary to common belief, cannibalism is a very complex cultural practice. Reducing it to simplistic terms robs it of its cultural content. A number of practices are involved including the acting out of myths, metaphors, physical development, sexuality revenge, nourishment, religion, mourning and overall lifestyle.” Chapters include “Societies That Allegedly Ate Human Flesh,” “Rationale for Consuming Humans,” “Mythological Links to Flesh Eating,” “Mortuary Cannibalism,” “Cannibalism and Children’s Literature” and “Modern-Day Cannibalism.”

Publisher: CrossRoads
Paperback: 139 pages

The Elixir: An Alchemical Study of the Ergot Mushrooms

William Scott Shelley

“Looks at the presence and uses of the ergot fungus plant throughout history.”

Publisher: CrossRoads
Hardback: 200 pages