Human Monsters: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World’s Most Vicious Murderers

David Everitt

One hundred crazed executioners, presented chronologically in time, starting with 15th-century Scottish cannibal killer Sawney Beane, and ending up with the Russian “mad beast” Andrei Chikatilo. All the favorites are here: de Rais, the Ripper, Panzram, Fish, Gein, DeSalvo, Manson, Zodiac, Bundy, Gacy and Dahmer. Plus dozens of others, not so notorious but equally monstrous. GR

Publisher: Contemporary
Paperback: 272 pages

Eve of Destruction: Prophecies, Theories and Preparations for the End of the World

Eva Shaw

The world’s been going to hell in a hand basket since the beginning of recorded history. All hell broke loose during A.D. 1000. The year 2000 won’t be any different. Folks are already taking bets on the date. Shaw’s book takes on apocalyptic thinking at full throttle with the history of The End through various religions, cult leaders (remember that a religion is only a successful cult) and scientific hysteria—everything from the Catholic Church, which stated in A.D. 999 that the rapture would be here the next year, to the joys of nuclear winter to the countdown to the final date of December 12, 2012, as proclaimed by Terence McKenna and Jose Argüelles. So far, however all nigh-sayers have been wrong and they will most likely continue to be so. SC

Publisher: Contemporary
Paperback: 238 pages

Making the Prozac Decision: A Guide to Antidepressants

Carol Turkington

What is depression? “'Before I took Prozac, every day was difficult,' says Joan. 'I didn't enjoy anything; everything was futile. There seemed to be no hope. After being on Prozac for about a month, I suddenly felt that half my life had already gone by. I'd better get in gear! I used to compare myself with everyone,' she continues. 'Now I don't care. I'm more confident with other people, and I don't freak out in groups. I wish,' she sighs, 'I had the past 20 years back.'” Covers other selective seratoninreuptake inhibitors (Paxil, Zoloft), cyclic antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, lithium and other modern additives used to alter the brain's chemical soup. GR

Publisher: Contemporary
Hardback: 224 pages