Black Prison Movements/USA

Edited by NOBO

“The Network of Black Organizers (NOBO) has gathered the first contemporary collection of black prison movement voices, in topics ranging from women in prison, the pro and con of parole, behavior modification and human experimentation in prison, Puerto Rican and other political prisoners, to the prison economic industrial complex.” SC

Publisher: Africa World
Paperback: 185 pages

The Black Muslims in America

C. Eric Lincoln

“Hailed as one of ‘the best technical studies in the whole literature of the social sciences’ upon its original publication in 1961, The Black Muslims in America in the third edition provides a new generation of readers with an enriched, up-to-date knowledge of the important but little-understood Black Muslim movement.”

Publisher: Africa World
Paperback: 288 pages

Malcolm X as Cultural Hero and Other Afrocentric Essays

Molefi K. Asante

“With the Age of Malcolm a new epoch began in the conception of national culture or cultural nationalism causing a far-reaching revolution in traditional views held by members of African-American institutions. Malcolm was not merely ‘our manhood,’ as Ossie Davis nobly put it at Malcolm’s funeral, but the keeper of the ancestral flames of a proactive response to the human condition, his own life represented the rebirth of the extensive African-American commitment to cultural reconstruction which are not yet concluded.”

Publisher: Africa World
Paperback: 191 pages

The Rhythms of Black: Race, Religion and Pan-Africanism

Jon Michael Spencer

Argues that African rhythm, and specifically African rhythm in the New World, gives rise to the distinctive qualities of black culture. These particular rhythms differentiate black culture from others, and constitute the primary essence of religion and dance, which are both dependent on black music. Through music, black people glean what Spencer calls “rhythmic confidence,” an equivalent to “soul.” Spencer also explains how this rhythmic confidence can be either casual, or explicit and insurgent, as in rap. SC

Publisher: Africa World
Paperback: 206 pages