Flickers of the Dreamachine

Edited by Paul Cecil

This book includes full construction plans for the Dreamachine seminal essays by its creators Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville; extracts from W. Grey Walter's The Living Brain; and a number of pieces by folks who have worked with the brain-wave stimulator including Ira Cohen, Andrew McKenzie, Genesis P. Orridge, Simon Strong, Terry Wilson and others. AK

Publisher: Codex
Paperback: 130 pages

Cranked Up Really High: Genre Theory and Punk Rock

Stewart Home

An insider’s survey of punk rock from its beginnings to the recent Riot Grrrl movement—from the Pistols to the Dead Boys to those jughead Oi! bands and beyond. True to the unsparing spirit of his subject, the author has something to say about every band that could possibly be construed as “punk” (from the infamous to the forgotten) with an assurance about as subtle as a wrecking ball. Petulant yet focused, condescending and generous, the most lingering appeal of Home’s observations is not so much their accuracy—aesthetic being opinion, after all—as the hubris that informs them. Though at times indulging in the intellectual obscurantism he claims to loathe (“Some readers may feel I come across as suspiciously anti-Bergsonian…” What??), Cranked Up Really High, with cogency and passion, exhaustingly delivers on its basic claim: LOUDER! FASTER! SHORTER! MDG

Publisher: Codex
Paperback: 128 pages