The Complete Jack Chick Tract Assortment

Jack Chick

“You might be too shy to walk up to people and begin sharing Christ with them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an effective soul-winning ministry. Just leave the Chick tracts behind wherever you go. People will pick them up and read them. Nobody can resist them.” Especially such classics tracts as “The Sissy?,” “The Death Cookie,” “Bad Bob!,” and “Somebody Goofed.”

Publisher: Chick

The Devil’s Disciples: The Truth About Rock

Jeff Godwin

“Read about: What REALLY goes on at rock concerts; Satanic subliminals and back-masked messages; the 10 most dangerous groups; the Lennon-Manson connection; and how to keep rock out of your town!”

Publisher: Chick
Paperback: 352 pages

Stairway to Hell: The Well-Planned Destruction of Teens

Rick Jones

“Follow a typical teen as he stumbles, step by step down the stairway to hell. Each chapter reveals another tool of destruction. Teens will see where their lifestyle is leading them and discover the only escape from the stairway to hell… Jesus!” Chapters include “Peer Pressure,” “I Can’t ‘Just Say No’ to Drugs,” “Inside a Human Sacrifice,” “What’s Wrong With Sex?” and “Satan Worship: Ultimate Deception.”

Publisher: Chick
Paperback: 206 pages

What’s Wrong With Christian Rock?

Jeff Goodwin

“Is Christian rock Christian? Or is it a multi-billion dollar industry with a totally different purpose?… You will learn that Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is full of occultism, witchcraft and the New Age. The biggest names in CCM convict themselves with their own words. Learn what’s wrong with: Copying the World; Christian Rock’s Fruit; Backmasking in C-Rock; Christian Rap; Christian Thrash; plus much more!”

Publisher: Chick
Paperback: 288 pages

The Vatican Billions

Avro Manhattan

“The Catholic Church claims to be poor, but this eye-opener will show show you she has wealth beyond your wildest dreams. With devastating thoroughness, secular author Manhattan untangles the web of deceit and reveals how the Catholic church has, through the centuries, amassed and multiplied billions of dollars in assets, including gold, real estate, stocks and bonds. Also revealed are the unscupulous methods she used to amass this unfathomable wealth, including everything from tricks played on kings, to the millions who attempt to avoid hell and shorten Purgatory with money.”

Publisher: Chick
Paperback: 304 pages